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Waffle Weave Slippers

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Plain Colour Slippers

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Fleece Fabric Slippers

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Printed Fabric Slippers

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Digital Print Slippers

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Boiled Wool Fabric Slippers

Women’s Slippers

Ro.Pa Manifatture women’s slippers are an entirely Italian product by Italian workers.
All the production to obtain these articles are made in Italy. All this guarantees prestige and quality obatined only from the Italian experience in this sector.

Women’s slippers of Ro.Pa Manifatture company offer your feet maximum comfort of the maximum quality made in Italy.
The Slippers both in towelling and in fabric are machine washable at 30°
The foam rubber used for the soles of the slippers does not deform and offers support and comfort for your feet.

One-size slippers 35-40 useful for home, bedroom or for travel, occupy little space and can be taken everywhere! Only 0,10 grams is the weight of one pair of slippers.
Many colours and fantasy fabrics are available as per above section.
Enjoy and relax with Ro.Pa. Manifatture women’s slippers.